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New vision or (LOGIC) How to Help Orphans

God show us a new way how to care  for the Orphans. This is an Upgrade from the Holy Spirit through me:

                                       WHAT IS L.O.G.I.C?

                L.O.G.I.C  is a new method of helping young orphans at a better chance in life, as a person . The old  orphanage system and  institution raised a lot of concerns for many years. the lack of parental or a guardian influence into their lives creates an unstable mindset into their psyche.

L.O.G.I.C will offer the children a chance to be part of society and to interact with other children of the neighborhood. L.O.G.I.C will have inspector supervisor for each communities that will allow the children to stay in contact with the sponsors.

the major orphanages  in Haiti acquired children from the countryside, in which a long distance travel is required. as those children develop in age into these orphanages, eventually they will lose touch with their communities and become alienated from everything and L.O.G .I.C wants to change that. We will them register into difference schools. there will be no difference with between the Children we help and those in the Community all will have parents watch over them in that Community. We will provide and supervise and encourage the community to work together. 

1-     All over the world there are many orphanages institutions, those institutions are growing in numbers. We as Christian we learned from James 1:27 as it is written to take care of the orphans, by doing so the world will see our action as believer of Christ Jesus. Christian mission south Haiti, since its inception in 1994 were working in that field helping hundreds of orphans in the southern part of Haiti. With an extensive experience working and to maintain an orphanage has taught us a different approach on our methods of helping poor kids.

2-     This new method of helping the orphans might seem controversial since it goes against the old system. The notion of letting go of an orphan after 18 years is absurd, that child would leave the orphanage without a skill set to help him further in life and also they would miss out on interacting with relatives that maybe able to help. In many cases the orphans always shows that they rather stay home with the parents then to be placed at an orphanage many miles away from home.


 Christian Mission South Haiti has create a solution.

3-     We decide it would be best to help the children at their own place of residency. If a child and its guardian don’t have place of residence, a sponsor may help that orphan guardian with an affordable place to reside. With God we will Built a small family House for each family Gadian. In that community we may have 10 children to Start  a new an official project. We can have hundreds Children in one community.  we cannot start with another community without new sponsors for an additional 10 more children at their place of residency, we will help them with food, school supplies and clothes. Each sponsored communities will have a supervisor, the supervisor will report to us over the condition of those children in their communities and how it has impacted the Community with the project. A meeting will be held with the parent each month, we will  help the parents with seeds to make gardens in the country sides. These children will live free under their parent households. The sponsors will be able to visit the communities at a time and meet with the children and parents alike. We are requesting Americans Volunteers  who want to come help in the Office and at The Community as inspectors.


How to Start

For now we have two locations, 

Renaudin, we have more children in need. Renaudin is a remote area in the countryside on the mountains. They have no resources; no built roads and the driven path are limited.

The next place will be charlette.





For Renaudin we will need  sponsors, and with the generous contributions of $ dollars per children for food, clothes and school supplies. Our sponsors will decide when they will be able to provide clothes, shoes and other school needs and Medicals. We Chose Renaudin Because 70% of our Children are from there.



The following materials to complete the project:


1-     Office with 2 file cabinets

2-     3 desks

3-     6 chairs

4-     2 desktop

5-     Laptop  1

6-     Project director

7-     Accounting/ secretary

8-     Inspector / supervisor for each community Projects

9-     A truck to transport the good to the community

10-  A motorbike for each inspector

11- Electricity .

For a  good Administration we must have those Materials above and  the people  to maintained the Office . For the Sponsors could be happy.  We would like to receive Volunteers to do these.


What will happen to the Children we Had before?

 Those who under 18 of Ages we will continue take care of them where ever they are.



Project detail.


The Objectives are:

 1-to save the Children from malnutrition.

2 To educate them where they are in their Communities.

 3-To show a L.O.G.I.C  way to care for poor kids without make them to leave home.

4- we will also educate the Guardians how to cooperate.

5- To Develop a rural community where Children will stay in to difference families houses.


The Duration of Logic:

1- Indefinitely  .


The Beneficiaries :

1-The Children will be the Beneficiaries of all.

2- The community will be the second beneficiaries. Since the Children will leave among the Community, the impact will benefice  everyone in that Community.

3- The Guardians Parents also.


The Impacts of L.O.G.I.C.

1- A new Vision will light up.

2-   The Children will live safer.

3-   the children will be more happy.

4- the  Children will stay with someone they know as relatives not a pay person.

5- The Children will socialize others Children in their Community.

6- They learn the Life of the Community they live in, each of them will develop their own personality.

7- that will stop the demographic movement going to the big City.



1-A Board of director of 5 persons: Volunteers.

 - a President  b Chairmen,  c Secretary , d Treasury, e Vice Chairmen.

A)-  The President: will  be the overall guardian of this project

B)-  the secretary: will take notes of the meetings, keep contacts with sponsors and the project director in the field.

C)- The treasurer: will be in charge to manage funds, deposits into bank accounts. And be able to keep a good track of the funds coming in.

D)-  The Chairmen: will coordinate all the meetings and to look for opportunities on how to establish fundraising for the institution, create activities  for L.O.G.I.C ideal to be known.

E)-  The Vice Chairmen: will work with the field director, to report to Chairmen on the needs of the field. His/her will make sure the completion of L.O.G.IC projects.


2- Office Administration in the field: Volunteers for some Times.

A)- General Director: is the president of the board, will be an overseer of L.O.G.I.C project, to make sure all employees are doing their jobs. Be in contact with the  chairmen

B)- Accounting - Secretary: Take into accounts all expenses of L.O.G.I.C, prepare a monthly report. He/She  will require a report from the inspector of the field to keep everything organize.

C)- Project Director: will dispatch the responsibilities of all inspectors of the project, to also supervise the project to supervise the work of the inspectors, has meetings from time to time with Children Guardians. prepare a report to the General director of L.O.G.I.C.

D)- Inspectors: to supervise the children growth in their communities, to check on their school report cards, to provide to their needs with school supplies, food and clothes. the inspector must travel to that community three times a week, a meeting with the children Guardians every month. its responsibilities includes, distribution of food to each children Guardians and other items and pay the school.

E)-  Office administrator: it is the coordinator of the whole office administrative.



How the children will live with L.O.G.I.C?


A)in the L.O.G.I.C community, our children will live with  Guardians as families

B) Those families will watch over them. their Guardians will have the responsibility to provide a safe haven for the children.

C) The inspectors will educate the Guardians before their responsibilities as parents.

D) We L.O.G.I.C will provide for all the children needs through our inspectors.

E)L.O.G.I.C children must have a sponsor, that sponsor will go through to the end of the children education. The children will known his/her sponsor.

F) L.O.G.I.C will also participate into the development of the community, helping in many different  way we see fit to benefit the children for a better life.



Who can be a part of L.O.G.I.C?


B) All participants must agree with internal principles of L.O.G.I.C

C) L.O.G.I.C can receive gifts from all volunteers with no issues with the law of the land regarding money problems.

D) L.O.G.I.C partners and sponsors can ask to visit the project, the vice chairmen will coordinate the event.









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