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Dear Friends, 


Greetings! I am Pastor Jean A. Lusma, the Founder and Director of Christian Mission South Haiti. In 1991 CMSH came to existence with a great push of the Holy Spirit. I was studying the Word of God at the College of the Scriptures in Louisville Kentucky when the Spirit of God created in me a desire to work with the Haitian people in Haiti.

CMSH’s existence was founded upon these three needs:

  1. The Gospel of Jesus Christ was my main reason for this organization. As a Haitian, I saw something wrong in the way that Christ was being presented to people in Haiti. The message they were being taught was not the true Gospel and I was afraid many would be angry and go to jail when they heard the true Gospel.
  2. There were many hungry Haitians from young to old. I saw people stay for days without eating any food. The Spirit of the Lord told me I must do something to help those people.
  3. James 1:27 and Isaiah 58 indicate that true religion is to take care of the orphans and widows. There have been many tragedies in Haiti. These tragedies resulted in thousands of homeless children in all the big cities. In the city of Les Cayes, the headquarters of CMSH, the city was full of homeless children even though many had parents. The children were hungry, sick, naked, barefoot and uneducated. God the Father in Heaven has enabled us to work in this field from the beginning of CMSH until now.


Today God’s blessing is evident when one can count more than a dozen Congregations that have come into existence with thousands of Souls being saved through Jesus Christ. Hundreds of thousands have been educated through CMSH, hundreds of thousands have been fed, hundreds of children had been saved from the dangerous streets and thousands have been saved from malnutrition.


We continue to fight because the challenges are still there and we invite you to answer the call that God places on your heart to be part of the CMSH Mission. Together we can change people’s lives on Earth so that we can all rejoice together for eternity. Join us and let CMSH be the vessel through which you demonstrate your love and talents!


In the name of Jesus Christ,


Jean Alix Lusma

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